Emma & Vaggeli

Candlelit winter wedding


Emma and Vaggeli wanted an editorial approach to the photography for their candlelit winter wedding. For their portraits, we used lighting and a seamless backdrop with posing inspired by The Collective You. I spent time with just the two of them first to capture some intimate portraits and experiment with ideas I wanted to try. We then had the wedding party join us for some carefully staged Vogue-style ensemble images. It was a brilliant and inventive approach to a winter wedding because we did not have to rely on the weather whatsoever — the entire event took place indoors.

The ceremony was beautifully lit with a hundred candles and a simple concrete backdrop. It was contemporary and minimalist and absolutely stunning. With Emma’s dad as the officiant and the candlelight creating a glowing ambience, it was a very intimate and emotional experience for everyone involved.

The ceremony was followed by a dinner reception. Despite extreme downsizing Emma and Vaggeli experienced due to the pandemic regulations, they clearly put an unbelievable amount of attention and detail into their planning and decor. Black silverware, a floral chandelier, carefully curated dishes and chairs… I was obsessed with it all! It’s the little things, like using unique dishes, that can really elevate an event to the next level.

Then came the emotional, heartfelt speeches from the two families who clearly have ginormous hearts and love for both of the newlyweds. The tears were flowing, and when I see others cry, I start crying, so it was truly an emotional experience for all. Somewhere amongst it all, Emma snuck off to switch out of her wedding gown and into a sweatsuit and slippers for the rest of the night, which I applauded her for. It was her day and she did things her way — which is exactly as it should be.


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