Let’s take a moment to list a few things we love about our lives (in no particular order):1. Freedom of mobility.2. Intentional pursuit of education.3. Embracing frizzy hair.4. Eating brownies and hash browns for dinner.5. Shamelessly embracing our guilty pleasures (Korean dramas and Heartland).6. Being career focused.7. Having as many single friends as married friends and enjoying their company equally.8. Girl pub nights.9. Heels that click.10. Making our own reading lists.
Plus three strangely specific things from Lisa:1. Tree-lined streets that are well lit, don’t have ditches on both sides, and are not a highway.2. The cute guy who gets on the bus at Balaclava. Also, the other cute guy at UBC Blenz.3. The explanation of old censorship laws in Indonesia by a prof who slides in, “Well, when my book was banned there…” 
And three strangely specific things from me:1. Finding sushi for the non-sushi eater.2. Knowing weekends don’t have a dress code.3. Aritzia.
Have a good Remembrance Day!