Remember a really long time ago (aka last October) when I said I had won a contest? Photographe Rachel Barkman redid her website and offered a free photo session as a prize for one randomly selected person who commented on the new site. I was the lucky winner, but as I was in Ottawa at the time, the photo session had to wait.

A couple of weeks ago I was finally able to claim my prize and here are the results: a photo shoot with my sister Heidi, my favourite wool sweater, and a typical Pacific West Coast drizzly day (flat, damp hair is a Vancouver standard, right?).

Heidi flew out of town two days ago with a one way ticket to Germany. She’s marrying Manuel in May and wont likely return to Canada for a couple of years. It’s very strange to see her go and really makes these sister photos extra special.

We’re not always serious and moody. Promise.

Thanks Rachel for the photos! You were a lot of fun to model for.

Photo Credit: Rachel Barkman Photography