I’m back home on the best coast west coast. Our final week consisted of us frantically fulfilling the last of our Ottawa bucket lists. We attended question period, decorated the mansion for Christmas, convinced the security guards to give us an unofficial tour of East Block, and got minimal sleep. Then there were a lot of hugs and see-you-laters and we were out the door. I had the pleasure of sharing the trip home with Morgan and Andrew. We ignored our seat-back televisions in favour of chatting and reminiscing about our experiences over the last three months.

Now I’m back in my tiny room in my parents house which feels about the size of a doll house after residing in the mansion. I wont miss four flights of stairs or sharing a kitchen with twenty other people, but I will miss city life, political buzz, and the grand piano. Most of all I’ll miss sharing a home with Braden, Mary, Jessica, Emily, Andrew, Tim, Ted, Nathan, Nato, Heidi, Tanya, Meredith, Beckah,  Erin, Ryan, Audrey, Alistair, Clayton, Morgan, Peter, Brayden, Stephen, Alice, and Derek.

See you later Ottawa. Don’t be a stranger!