This past week I had to make a huge decision. I received a job offer and I had one weekend to decide if I was going to accept it or not. For obvious reasons, this turned out to be the most stressful weekend of my life.

On the one hand, job offers don’t come along often for recent grads. It’s in the heart of Canada’s capital, would provide fantastic graphic design experience, and provide me with the independence and career boost recent grads only dream of.

On the other hand, Ontario is not British Columbia and I miss my mountains and lakes and ocean. I’ve been feeling homesick, so an extended time away from home runs the risk of loneliness and depression. Also, as a recent grad, do I really need to start my career right away?

I don’t know if I made the right decision, in fact I’m pretty sure I didn’t, but after thinking long and hard about life, the future, and what I really needed, I declined the offer.

Oh and I have three essays, three finals, a presentation, a project, and an internship to finish up in the next three weeks. Yeah, I’m stressed.

Photos by

Hollie Fernando