I’ve never had to own a suit before, but this is the reality of an LLC internship. Still, I would never be able to handle three months of boot cut slacks and two inch heels. My compromise is a tailored blazer and slim cut pant from Aritzia. I’m not sure of how much “personality” I can add to my outfit while remaining within the profession boundaries, so I looked for blouses with small details that added interest and youth to my look.

The leather boots are an investment I’ve been planning for years. With my scrawny legs, it’s not an easy task finding tall boots to fit them properly, and this pair seems to do the trick. These boots will come in handy when the weather gets cold and I need to walk to work. For use indoors, I picked up a pair of Roberto Vianni velvet black loafers (not pictured).

The nail polish is my punch of colour. I’m doubtful that I’ll get away with wearing it in the workplace, but a girl can dream!