We’re now half way through camp here at Stillwood which means we’re all more than ready for a proper break. It’s not easy to be high energy all the time, especially when you’re trying to survive off camp food. I’ve been keeping so busy that I don’t really have time for any of my own work, such as blog posts, but today I’m finding the time because its been far too long! 

This weeks news: In a few weeks we’ll be running the teen camps. These weeks are special because of special events like going to the Cultus Lake Watersides and a surprise party. The party this year will have an old Hollywood theme, big band and all. Somehow I ended up participating in this band, so I get the honour of dusting off my alto saxophone and getting up an hour earlier than normal for practices. It’s just like being in high school again (oh joy). 

For staff break I’m lake hopping with Taylor. We’re heading straight from Cultus Lake on Tusday night to Harrison, then on to Kawkawa for a few nights with a possible day trip to Lindeman Lake. There is nothing I’d love/need more right now than to just lay on a dock for four days, so here’s hopping the weather smartens up.

photography by moi