I got a new identity today: university graduate.
I don’t think the concept of graduation really hit me until I put my cap on my head earlier today. It’s been such a long process of “lasts” that it felt like the actual conclusion of my degree would never come. But today it did and I walked the stage, received my diploma, and completed a huge stage in my life.
As students, we’ve heard a million and one times about the importance of community at Trinity Western University. We joke about it’s overuse, but we all know it’s true. The friendships we created here were the foundation of what made our experiences so marvellous. It was crazy too look around at the class of 2012 and realized that this was the last time I’d ever see many of them. Sure, some of us will keep in contact, but for the most part, this is it. So in tribute to the people who made up my experiences at TWU, here is a simple list of names:
Braden, Alesha, Holly, Katelyn, Stephanie, Jordan, Fiona, Hannah, Amy, Jacob, Dan, Travis, Andrew, Rebecca, Liz, Laura, Rachel, Jeron, Eric, Melissa, Natalie, Thomas, Karyn, Cody, Doris, Erica, John, Maggie, Chapman, Jesse, Megan, Brittany, Ashely, Tim, Mackenzie, Lydia, Emily, Karalee, Josh, Nathan, Kirk, Oliva, Marieanne, Adam, Jessica, Diana, Jamison, Cam, Kelsey, Nicola, Clark, Dave, Adrienne, Jef, Mat, Dylan, Meredith, Addison, Cass, James, Becky, Mike, Taylor, and all those I may have forgotten.
Most importantly, the five girls I was blessed to have as my roommates: 
Chelsea, Whitney, Mary, Lisa, and Lili.

Once again, thank you TWU and farewell. You treated me well and I will miss you dearly.

Photography by Chelsea Davidson